NYC Premiere of Oiltowns, a film by Mark Street ?>

NYC Premiere of Oiltowns, a film by Mark Street

Join Prof. Mark Street for the NYC Premiere of Oiltowns on Tuesday, May 9 at 9pm at Cinema Village as part of the Worker’s Unite Film Festival where it will screen with the film The Coal Minority.

Oiltowns (41 minutes, 2017)
Tuesday, May 9 at 9pm
Cinema Village
22 East 12th Street

Tickets available here for $8-10 or can be purchased at the door

About the Film:
In 2011, I started hearing about the oilfields of North Dakota; a place where itinerant workers lived in mancamps, local residents were being priced out of their homes and oil flares lit up the sky.

I went there to film over the course of four years, and then created an impressionistic portrait of this place by interviewing workers, long time residents, and a Native American who talks about the environmental impact. I also recorded the astounding and awful intrusions of oil machinery on the landscape.  Here is the trailer:

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